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If your project involves a database there's an excellent chance it falls within our area of expertise. We build relational database management systems for use with Web, Desktop and Mobile applications. If you are looking for a company that does nothing but web've stumbled onto the wrong website.

Technologies We Utilize

We utilize a variety of technologies, depending on your project requirements. Our goal is not to steer you to one specific technology, but rather identify the best technology for your needs and then determine if we are the best provider available. Here are the major technologies we are experts in:

Major Software Technologies

Database Solutions

In general, we don't build applications unless they integrate at least some database functionality. We like to stick with things we know, and we've been building database solutions for 20 years. By database solution, I mean a complete system to store, manage and process information using database technology.
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PHP Development

PHP is a popular scripting language used to create dynamic database-driven websites. Usually applications written with PHP also use MySQL. Most hosting companies offer PHP and MySQL for free, so it is very popular.
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