Services: Software Startups

Software Startups

Okay, you have an idea. It might even be a good idea. But you are going to need to bring someone in who knows enough about technology to make your dream a reality. First, you don't need a stenographer. You need somebody who can help you take your good idea and make it a great idea. And that's where I think I can help you.

I Understand Software Startups

I've worked with enough startups to understand what they really need. In many cases the people with the best ideas aren't technology people. This isn't what they do for a living. So my job is to help them understand the important areas so they can be successful. I also shield them from technical areas that they really don't need to know. It might be important, but they don't always need to know all the details. In many cases, high level, 20,000 foot view is good enough.

How I Can Help You

Naturally, I can help you in one major way. I can build your software. But when you are a startup company, the software itself is just one piece of the puzzle. You may also need help:

  • Choosing and registering your new domain
  • Selecting the best hosting company for your website
  • Developing a technology maintenance and disaster recovery plan
  • Figuring out how to best monetize (make money) from your software
  • Understanding the best way to get visitors to your site (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Developing the best look for your new brand (Logo Design / Branding)
  • And I bunch of other stuff that inevitably comes up along the way

All of these areas are critical to your project. But there is another area that is far more important to the fate of your software. I'm talking about your idea. It's probably very good. But I can help you make it better. You see, for 20 years I've been living software development. I've seen and built solutions for a wide variety of industries and markets. This knowledge is mobilized and leveraged to make your good idea a great idea. I've been called a lot of things (just ask my wife) but a stenographer is not one of them. I guess what I am saying is I'm not just going to blindly implement your software ideas. There are a thousand offshore companies that will do that for you.

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